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‘Move-over law’ is trap for drivers (access required)

Motorists who carefully follow the instructions printed on a state highway sign still could end up facing traffic charges under Virginia’s so-called “move-over law.” The signs tell motorists to “move over or reduce speed” for stopped emergency vehicles. As Arlington lawyer Chris Leibig explained, however, the law itself does not say anything about slowing down. Instead, ...


  1. The “Move Over Law” is NOT a trap … it’s simply common sense! Unfortunately, there is a severe glut of Idiots in Virginia (esp. Northern Virginia) that have prompted this law.

    It’s a good and valid law, and hopefully it will force a more cautious driver onto our highways and byways!

  2. This is just another example of a poorly written law abused to levy heavy fines against the citizens of Virginia. The law clearly states the requirements for motorists (move over or maintain the posted speed). A ticket to the contrary should be fought in court. I won’t get into my disdain for law enforcement who crack down on speeding when that same manpower can be used for better activities like thwarting real crimes. As a taxpayer I would like to see this law repealed.

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