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Tech savvy lawyers using two screens

simekLawyers attending the solo and small firm forum in Abingdon this week got an earful of tech tips from those traveling IT evangelists from Sensei Enterprises.  A recurring theme: lawyers who try using two monitor screens at their desk never give it up.  Apparently, two glowing panels really are better than one.

What seems like information overkill to the uninitiated is apparently a huge convenience for tech-friendly lawyers.  John Simek (above) explained that many users keep track of their e-mail on one screen while handling tasks on the other screen.  “No one who has used two has ever wanted to go back,” he said.

Simek pointed out that two 19-inch monitors are cheaper than one 30-inch monitor.  He recommended monitors that can be rotated to either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the task at hand.

To make the jump to a double monitor workstation, you’ll need either two graphics cards or a single one that has two outputs.

By Peter Vieth

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