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Posting juror’s address was free speech, judge rules

A Chicago federal judge today dismissed charges of threatening a juror, ruling that Web posts by a Roanoke neo-Nazi were protected by the First Amendment.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman held that merely publishing the address and other particulars about a juror was insufficient to support a case for solicitation of violence under the U.S. Code and the U.S. Constitution, even when considered in the context of a Web site intended for white supremacists.

William A. White of Roanoke posted information about the foreman of an Illinois jury that convicted a man of soliciting the murder of a judge.  The government argued that, even though White did not advocate violence against the jury foreman, the context of the post on his neo-Nazi Web site was intended to urge an attack on the juror.

The Roanoke Times has comments from White’s attorney and a link to the opinion here.

By Peter Vieth

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