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Wii gesture aimed at client base

WiiAppomattox nursing home liability lawyer Bob Carter is no doubt making friends with some regional nursing home residents with a gift of 18 Wii gaming stations.  Carter said he donated the video game consoles last week to residents councils at 18 different nursing homes in the Lynchburg and Roanoke area.

As Carter explained in his letters to the residents groups, the Wii game has been reported to improve range of motion, balance and strength.  “Therapists have used Wii games for patients who require rehabilitation, called ‘Wii-hab,’” Carter wrote.

“I think heartfelt gestures like these will help improve the reputation that lawyers have in their own communities and beyond,” Carter said.  “A little public service goes a long way.”

A Wii package runs just under $250 at Best Buy.

A sample of Carter’s donation letters is here.

By Peter Vieth

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