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Delegate works for project he helped to fund

The Virginian-Pilot reports that Del. Phil Hamilton, R-Newport News, gets $40,000 a year as a coordinator of an Old Dominion University teacher training center that he sponsored as a legislator.

A budget amendment that Hamilton introduced in 2007 provided the initial money for ODU’s Center for Teacher Quality and Educational Leadership, and the center still gets $500,000 a year from the state.

According to his contract, Hamilton serves as coordinator for the center. His stated duties include recruiting school districts to participate in center activities, marketing the center to state and federal officials and maintaining records.

The Pilot says Hamilton is is a retired teacher and school administrator who works part time as coordinator of innovation and development for the Newport News school system.

A delegate for 20 years, Hamilton is a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee.

According to The Pilot, he and the man who awarded him the contract say he got the job because he was the best person for it. His opponent in the November election and an ethics expert see a conflict of interests.

By Alan Cooper

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