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‘Move-over law’ is trap for drivers (access required)

Motorists who carefully follow the instructions printed on a state highway sign still could end up facing traffic charges under Virginia’s so-called “move-over law.” The signs tell motorists to “move over or reduce speed” for stopped emergency vehicles. As Arlington ...

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Lawyers jump on DUI case (access required)

The U.S. Supreme Court on June 25 handed down Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, a case holding that laboratory analysts generally must appear in court rather than submit their findings through a sworn report. Lawyers in Virginia with drunken-driving clients were citing ...

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Work of ’09 Assembly became law July 1 (access required)

Exercise of a constitutional right to petition the government or misuse of the judicial process for political gain? Substitute Judge Westbrook J. Parker saw misuse, but the Virginia General Assembly saw exercise of a constitutional right and overwhelmingly adopted legislation ...

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Gloucester supervisors seeking $42K in fees (access required)

GLOUCESTER—Gloucester taxpayers could face another $42,000 in legal fees of four supervisors whom residents tried unsuccessfully to oust last year. Attorneys for the supervisors filed a request for the additional fees last week. The request brings the total cost of ...

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