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Group backs Perriello for climate vote

Fifth District Rep. Tom Perriello will get a reward for his vote for the climate change bill in the form of radio spots paid for by ministers and military leaders who want to highlight the moral and national security implications of the issue.

The ads will run throughout Central Virginia on Christian, country and talk radio.

In the spot, a Charlottesville minister, the Rev. Neal Havorson-Taylor says, “The Apostle Paul teaches that we should not have a spirit of timidity but of strength and love.”

Halvorson-Taylor praises Perriello for the strength to vote for the bill in spite of millions of dollars that energy companies spent to oppose it.

“[W]hat we need are leaders who demonstrate a spirit of power and do what is right. I know Tom and Tom Perriello is that kind of leader,’ Halvorson-Taylor says.

The ads are part of a half-million dollar campaign by the American Values Network. The network says on its Web site that its mission is to “actively participate in building up the American family and community values that have always been at the core of our successful efforts to create a ‘more perfect union.'”

By Alan Cooper

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