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Man held liable for failing to prevent step-son’s suicide

A Maryland father won a $50,000 verdict for the death of his son, when all he wanted was a public apology from the step-father who allegedly allowed the troubled teen access to a handgun.

A Maryland jury returned the verdict in favor of Joseph Montes, the director of biomedical research at Materials Modification Inc. in Fairfax, reports our sister newspaper in Baltimore, The Daily Record. Montes’ lawsuit alleged that his son’s step-father, Frank Eisler, carelessly left an unlocked gun and ammunition in his home, even though 16-year-old Brian Montes – who lived there – was known to have suicidal tendencies.  Brian took his life with the gun in 2005.

Montes said the verdict was a satisfying part of his overall gun safety campaign.  Eisler’s lawyer said he hopes to appeal.

By Peter Vieth


  1. $50,000 is all one gets for a dead son?
    What’s wrong with this pcture?

  2. Apparently, it was a non-custodial son and there was no real plea for money damages.

  3. Where was the real father when all of this was going on, and why now does he care about the child. Sounds like greed took over. Like the mother and step father have not been through enough. This is ridiculous.

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