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$900,000 is verdict for fired doctor

A doctor who claimed a hospital undermined her career by prodding her practice group to fire her won a $900,000 verdict from a Roanoke jury today, according to the doctor’s attorney.

Emergency room doctor Karen Alldredge sued Lewis-Gale Medical Center for alleged tortious interference with contract.  Evidence showed a hospital administrator referred to Alldredge as an “organizational terrorist” for supporting nurses who were pushing for better working conditions.  Hospital management pressured the emergency physician group to fire Alldredge in May of last year.

On Thursday, Roanoke Circuit Judge Jonathan Apgar disallowed Alldredge’s expert on economic damages, ruling that her evidence failed to support an assumption that her medical career was irreparably harmed.  Nevertheless, Alldredge’s lawyer John Fishwick said the doctor was allowed to seek damages for emotional distress.

The jury was out for about two hours before returning with the $900,000 verdict, according to Fishwick.

By Peter Vieth


  1. Woot! Good on you

  2. Good for her, and good for the nurses. Big medicine is as bad as big government and it bullies both employees and patients; and when I say “big medicine” that includes Lewis Gale who makes big wampum.

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