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Gov 2.0: Government-info company acquires social network

GovDelivery, the world’s leading provider of government-to-citizen information, has acquired GovLoop, the top social network for the government community.

GovDelivery provides information and documents, using an online platform, to people and groups who want to monitor government developments matching their specific interests and needs. Topics range from updates on local parks and road closures to homeland security and major national health issues such as the H1N1 outbreak. Many of the people signing up to receive information through GovDelivery are people who work in government.

GovDelivery’s largest shareholder is Dolan Media Company (NYSE:DM), the parent company of Virginia Lawyers Media. DMC has a non-controlling minority interest in GovDelivery.

“GovLoop has been called the Facebook® for government, because it helps people across government collaborate and solve real problems every day,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-founder of GovDelivery.

The GovLoop acquisition strengthens GovDelivery’s role in assisting government’s use of digital channels and social media to improve communication to the public and collaboration between government agencies and employees, he added. Price and terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Burns said GovDelivery will work to encourage its clients and users to collaborate with each other on GovLoop.

With more than 18,000 members, GovLoop has become the most powerful space for people working in and around government to collaborate, socialize and support each other in an effort to make government better, with special attention to technology and professional development. GovLoop has nearly 3,000 members in Virginia.

GovDelivery’s digital communication platform is used by more than 300 government entities, including more than half of the U.S. federal agencies, local and state government entities across more than 30 states, and several major agencies in the United Kingdom.

Organizations using GovDelivery provide citizens with better service and access to relevant information by proactively delivering new information through e-mail, mobile text alerts, RSS and widgets. Clients include the White House and seven Cabinet departments, the states of California and Indiana, the cities of Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis and hundreds of other organizations across the public sector.

GovDelivery clients also include the U.S. federal court system; the city government of Washington, D.C.; Hampton Roads Transit; and both houses of the British Parliament.

More information is available at www.govdelivery.com. Members of the government community can join GovLoop at www.govloop.com.


  1. Can the public join so that they may tell the Gov’t their thoughts and issues.

  2. Great news. It is interesting to see the development of GovDelivery’s digital communication platform.

  3. Atchuthan: Currently the site is restricted to people that are part of the “Government Community” meaning you work in government or with government or you studying to work in government.

    The idea of having a forum for the public to discuss issues with the government is a good one, but it’s not currently part of GovLoop.

    Thanks for your comments.

    -Scott Burns
    CEO, GovDelivery, Inc.

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