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Mandamus lawsuit against clerk is dropped

Lawyers who asked the Supreme Court of Virginia to order a court clerk to process their court-appointed fee vouchers withdrew their petition for mandamus last week.

Matt Greene of Fairfax, one of the lawyers who claimed that more than $50,000 in fees were in arrears for work at the Fairfax County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, said the petition was withdrawn at the request of the plaintiffs and with the agreement of representatives of the clerk’s office.

“Basically, the vouchers are being processed and thus the need for the continuation of the mandamus is not critical,” Greene wrote in an e-mail on Saturday.  “Other good news is that we have heard from a number of our CJA [Criminal Justice Act] colleagues that their vouchers are being processed as well!” Greene wrote.

A spokesman for the clerk’s office said today, “We are as caught up as we can get.”  Court Services Director Jim Dedes said an automated tracking system for court-appointed fee vouchers is in the works.

“What can I say, we were just backlogged,” Dedes explained.

By Peter Vieth

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