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Candidate withdraws from SCt process

The field of candidates seeking a possible nod from the Supreme Court of Virginia is down to seven.

Elwood Earl “Sandy” Sanders Jr. has pulled his name from consideration.

In a letter to the editor announcing his decision, Sanders, an attorney with Lantagne Legal Printing in Richmond, said he was withdrawing “in light of the excellent choices the statewide bars and the Governor will have for the Supreme Court of Virginia.”

Sanders added, “I thank those in the legal community who encouraged me in seeking the post. I appreciate the openness of the process. I believe we in Virginia have an excellent judicial selection process.”

He concluded, “While I believe my legal scholarship, appellate experience and service to the Commonwealth were sufficient to be considered, I believe that among the other candidates will be an excellent justice of our supreme court.”

Any choice for the Virginia high court depends upon Justice Barbara Milano Keenan’s moving to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. President Obama has tapped her for a 4th Circuit seat; she will be given a hearing tomorrow by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

For more information on the remaining seven people seeking a possible Supreme Court appointment, see Monday’s article, “Eight up for high court seat.”

— Paul Fletcher

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