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G. Andrew Nea Jr.

G. Andrew Nea Jr.

Shares his expertise in banking law and development of community banks, WilliamsMullen Pro Bono Partner

Williams Mullen
1021 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 643-1991


BA, Washington and Lee
JD, University of Richmond

Who was your most important mentor and how did that mentor impact your career?

After law school, I was fortunate to serve a two-year clerkship with Harold F. “Nick” Snead, Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court. He instilled in me the importance of the rule of law and the principles that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and entitled to have their cause heard and considered.

What do you consider your biggest personal accomplishment and why?

Creation of the Wills for Seniors program. Working with area agencies on aging, volunteer attorneys provide low income seniors with basic life planning documents – a will, durable power of attorney and advance medical directive. The documents help avoid both family and social service problems. More importantly, they provide the recipients with peace of mind.

What is the best bit of advice you ever received?

Howard Dobbins, who remains my firm’s most senior partner, advised me to treat each client as if it was the only one I would ever have and to treat other lawyers with civility because tomorrow you may find yourself in that lawyer’s shoes.

How do you achieve a balance between your professional life and your personal life?

While not always successful, I try to stay at the office as long as it takes to provide what I promised and then leave everything at the office.

If you hadn’t become a lawyer, what field would you have entered?

Throughout college and law school I worked part-time in banks. I was fascinated by the challenge of fulfilling a customer’s needs while structuring a profitable, safe and sound transaction. Being mathematically challenged, I chose the practice of law. I am very fortunate to have the best of both worlds, practicing law and representing banks.

What is your favorite book or movie and why?

To Kill a Mockingbird. The strength and courage shown by Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck in the movie) in defending a falsely accused black man against a community’s ignorance and prejudice made me realize the importance of helping those in need and seeing that their rights are protected.

What are two facts about you that most people, including your closest friends, may not know?

At my stage in life, there are no secrets.