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Introducing…the Richmond Treerats

The new Double A baseball team in Richmond has a name: The Richmond Flying Squirrels.

It was a busy week on the baseball-team-name desk. First, one of the possible names, “Hambones,” was determined to be potentially offensive to African-Americans. Then another finalist, “Flatheads,” ostensibly selected for its association with a fish, was deemed offensive to Native Americans.

Then the team management announced “Flying Squirrels” was the winner. As in the Richmond Treerats. The Richmond Killers of Tomatoes and Other Vegetables You Might Try to Grow on the Deck. The Richmond Bird Feeder Destroyers. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has details.  

“Let’s go nuts!” exclaimed the team’s general manager at the announcement. Sorry, when I heard that, I couldn’t help but recall the really lame “theme song” foisted by the Washington Nationals management last year, “Nuts about the Nats.” The tune, which sound like a bad glee-club song from the 1950s, was widely hated by DC-area fans. When my son and I went to a Nats game this past summer, mercifully the song had ben retired. I think.

So heave a big sigh over “Flying Squirrels” and hope for the best. At least baseball is back in River City.

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