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Judge to rule on Shenandoah sanctions motion

In an update to a story in this week’s VLW, Shenandoah County Circuit Judge Dennis Hupp will not allow his jurisdiction to lapse before considering a sanctions motion against a political candidate and his lawyer.

Judge Hupp entered an order last week suspending the Sept. 29 “final order” that dismissed the underlying case.  The order states the case is being kept on the docket to consider any incidental matters. The one matter now pending is the motion by the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors seeking unspecified sanctions against Mark Prince and his lawyer, Brad Pollack.

On behalf of Prince, Pollack took a number of depositions of county officials and others in a FOIA action before moving to nonsuit the case. The county board claims the depositions were intended only to harass county leaders and to advance Prince’s political aspirations.

Prince is a candidate for the board that seeks to sanction him.

By Peter Vieth

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