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Supreme Court to hear legal malpractice, legal notice cases

The Supreme Court will review two cases VLW reported on at the trial level – a grant of summary judgment to an allegation that McGuireWoods LLP committed legal malpractice in a blown appeal of an $8.3 million personal injury verdict and a ruling on the authority of newspapers to publish legal notice advertising.

An article about the McGuireWoods case, which involved brain injuries to a skier at the Wintergreen resort, is here. An article about the effort of The Wall Street Journal to obtain court orders authorizing it to publish legal notices is here.

The Virginian-Pilot and other major state newspapers contend that no such order is necessary under Virginia law and that a trial judge in Virginia Beach lacked the power to enter one. The state newspapers argue that the order places in doubt the validity of notices in papers without such an order.

The cases are Wintergreen Partners Inc. d/b/a Wintergreen Resort v. McGuireWoods LLP, Record No. 091378, and Virginian-Pilot Media Companies LLC v. Dow Jones & Company Inc., Record No. 091661.
By Alan Cooper

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