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Lawyer blasts courthouse maintenance

A local courthouse can be the pride of a community, or it can depress the spirit when it’s in disrepair.  One Roanoke-area lawyer says poor conditions at the Roanoke City courthouse are doing more than dampening spirits – they’re instigating his anger.

Ross Hart blogs about a non-functioning “automatic” door at the courthouse entrance that is supposed to be accessible for all.  According to Hart, the door has been out of order for months with the result that it is actually harder to enter the building through that entrance than through other doors.

Not one to just hope for the repair ticket to work its way through the system, Hart has put the city on a deadline to do something by the end of the month or face some untold public action.

Hart’s outcry reminded us of a recent visit to Abingdon where the courthouse appeared in terrible shape, with splotches of paint missing from the elegant spire.  A call to the clerk’s office today provided reassurance — the Washington County courthouse has since been painted.

By Peter Vieth

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