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Guidelines online, not in your mailbox

If you’re wondering why you haven’t received your copy of the Virginia State Bar’s annual update of Professional Guidelines, the answer is that you’ll have to ask for it and the VSB will save money if you don’t.
The agency has what it is touting in this month’s VSB E-News as a better, cheaper regulatory mousetrap.
It hopes to have online in January a searchable version of the guidelines in what is called HTML format. That means they should load almost instantly from the bar’s Web site rather than take forever to come up as a very large PDF file as they do now.
The switch also will make it easier to quickly incorporate changes in VSB rules and regulations as they occur.
It will save $35,000 to $40,000, the bar says. The Web and printed versions of the guidelines won’t be available until after Jan. 1
By Alan Cooper

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