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Clinic disavows interest in condemned land

A Roanoke-based healthcare business says, contrary to assumptions, it really doesn’t want a piece of land the city condemned as part of an effort to boost a bio-medical complex.  The lack of interest comes as news to the owners’ lawyer, who has battled the city over its right to take the property.

As we reported last month , a Roanoke judge ruled the city correctly followed the rules in condemning private property in an area deemed “blighted.”  The judge acknowledged evidence that the condemnation was a thinly-disguised effort by the city to support a project by the private Carilion Clinic, which is constructing a major medical and office development in the area.

Whatever the city’s motivation when it initially sought the land, it appears Carilion now has no use for it.  Business writer Dan Smith pointed out Carilion’s surprising stance in a blog post last week.  “This is shocking,” the landowners’ lawyer told The Roanoke Times , which reports on the situation today.

By Peter Vieth

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