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The W&M mascot search

The College of William and Mary has been in the hunt for a new mascot since February.

This morning the school announced the five finalists for mascot, the creature that bounces around the sports field, urging the team to victory and alternately delighting and scaring small children.

W&M alums will rest easy in knowing that the five finalists are nowhere near as dumb as the finalists for Richmond’s new baseball team, “The Flying Squirrels.” In fact, the W&M choices all are pretty good, except for the “Pug.” More on him later. The five, with drawings available for viewing at the W&M Web site, are:

* The Griffin. According to the Daily Press, a mythical critter with the head of an eagle and and the body of a lion. Symbolizes boldness and courage, always good.

* The King and the Queen. Ol’ Bill and Mary theirselves. A pair of mascots, as it were. Will work so long as the king doesn’t look like that bozo in the Burger King commercials.

* The Phoenix. Rising from the ashes. The school has used this indomitable bird as a symbol on several occasions during its long history of fits and starts. Never dies.

* The Pug. Okay, I don’t get this one. William and Mary apparently owned pugs, but it’s ugly. Will definitely frighten children.

* The Wren. A play on the name of Sir Christopher Wren, the English architect who designed the iconic Wren Building, “the oldest academic building in continuous use in America.” You have to know that fact, and agree to trot it out when appropriate, in order to graduate. Plus, wrens apparently nest all over campus.

The school is taking a survey, available through this link, until Jan. 7. Personally, I like the phoenix or maybe the king and queen (with the Burger King caveat), although the griffin and even the wren would work. Any thoughts?

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  1. So sad… A fine institution like William and Mary that provides a wonderful education, can’t come up with anything better than two fake creatures, a small dog with breathing problems, and thank you captain obvious, the Wrens or King and Queens.

    Yes, there are greater issues out there – but come on Tribe.. Please don’t pick the Pugs.

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