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Oh, the irony…

We learn today that the expensive-looking “Patek Philippe” watch surrendered last week by White House party crasher Tareq Salahi to cover a judgment for lawn care fees was just a fake.

The Northern Virginia Daily reports the appraisal came back from a jewelers describing the watch as an imitation, worth about $100.

Salahi was ordered to surrender the watch after he wore it to a debtor’s interrogatory at the Warren County General District Court on Friday.  The Salahis came back to court on Tuesday and paid the judgment in full, but the watch already had been sent out for appraisal.

Not only was the watch not what it seemed, it also failed to keep time, according to an earlier account.

Update: The Salahis are named in several additional collection actions, among other court activities, the Northern Virginia Daily reports.

By Peter Vieth

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