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Turn down $80K? What are they thinking?

Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author of “Prozac Nation” and “Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women,” has a column in this morning’s Wall Street Journal on “Tough Times for Big Law.”

Wurtzel, who graduated from Yale Law School last year and has been taking the New York bar, writes about hiring at some of New York City’s biggest firms. Some of the big-dog firms have been delaying the start dates of new hires (sounds familiar) and paying them while waiting for that start (ditto).

Some of the bright shiny new law grads have been offered $80,000 to cool their jets until they start briefcase-toting in earnest. These individuals have turned that offer down. The question Wurtzel asks is this: What are they thinking?


  1. Clearly, they have better options. Or Not.

  2. I’ll take it!

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