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Lawn Order in Spotsylvania

Apparently there are grass scofflaws in Spotsylvania County that need to be given the business.

Eighteen counties currently have the authority to enact local ordinances requiring residents to keep their grass cut to a length of no longer than 12 inches. (Actually, a foot-tall lawn is pretty long, come to think of it).

The 18? The counties of Arlington, Augusta, Campbell, Chesterfield, Fairfax, Frederick, Hanover, Henrico, Henry, Isle of Wight, James City, Prince William, Roanoke, Rockingham, Stafford, Washington, Wise, and York.

Del. Robert D. Orrock Jr., R-Thornburg, has introduced House Bill 38, which would add Spotsy to the list.

Those grass-cutting ordinances have the potential to have some bite, if the county presses the point. If a resident ignores county officials and fails to get out the Lawn Boy, the county can cut the grass for him then send a bill. And violations also can prompt a $100 fine.

Probably easier to pay the kid next door a few bucks and be done with it.

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  1. I’m glad to see our state’s so problem-free that our legislature has time to tackle the long-grass scourge of Spotsylvania County.

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