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Court rules are on court’s own Web site

The Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia have a new online address and a new look. The rules now are hosted here on the court’s own Web site in PDF form.

Steven L. Dalle Mura, director of legal research at the court’s Office of Executive Secretary, says his office now can change the online version of the rules whenever they are amended. The rules were updated only once a year when they were hosted on the General Assembly’s legislative information services site.

In the same spirit of delegation of online rule maintenance, rules regarding the unauthorized practice of law and the rules of professional conduct for lawyers are hosted by the Virginia State Bar.  The Canons of Judicial Ethics are maintained by the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.  The court’s rules document contains links to those sites.

"We hope people find it easy to use," Dalle Mura said, adding that proposed changes in the rules are posted on the court’s Web site as well.

Lawyers, update your bookmarks.

By Peter Vieth

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