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iPhone offers $1000 app for Bar Exam takers

Studying for the Bar Exam? There’s an app for that…but it’ll cost you.

BarMax, a new iPhone application developed by Harvard law grads, is available through Apple’s Web site for $999.99.

But is it worth the money? According to TechCruch, it just might be.

The mobile bar exam prep course offers its users a gigabyte’s worth of study materials, including audio lectures, digital flashcards and practice questions, all accessible on the go. The application is currently the largest and most expensive in the iPhone store.

And even with its extraordinary price tag, the BarMax app is considerably less expensive than the $3,000 to $4,000 BarBri test prep course. (However, it should be noted that BarBri does offer a free iPhone app to those enrolled in its classroom-based course)

As of now, BarMax only offers a study guide for the California Bar Exam. But the company expects to roll out courses for additional states in the coming year.

By Sarah Rodriguez


  1. If I remember correctly, for this summer’s BarBri course: to get the course that “came with” the iPod option cost (roughly) $1000 more than the regular course, and there was also a (roughly) $1000 materials deposit required. It definitely wasn’t free. Things may have changed since I enrolled because of increased competition, but I’m skeptical.

  2. You’re correct. Once you’ve paid the thousands of dollars to enroll in the course, you can download the app for no charge.

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