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McDonnell tries to stop Soering transfer

Gov. Bob McDonnell last night wrote to the U.S. attorney general in an effort to revoke former Gov. Kaine’s request for the transfer of convicted killer Jens Soering to a German prison.

McDonnell’s letter to Attorney General Eric Holder is here .

McDonnell said he consulted with law enforcement officials who opposed the transfer:

I believe that as the Governor of Virginia, with custody of Jens Soering, I am responsible for ensuring that justice is done. It is imperative that Soering serve out his punishment in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Consequently, I hereby revoke Virginia’s consent to the transfer of Soering to the federal government.

As reported by The Roanoke Times , it is unclear whether McDonnell’s action can undo Kaine’s approval of the transfer agreement.

Soering is serving two life sentences for the 1985 stabbing deaths of his girlfriend’s parents in Bedford County.

By Peter Vieth

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