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Virginia Beach bar make judicial recommendations

The Virginia Beach Bar Association’s Judicial Recommendations Panel met earlier this week to interview and evaluate candidates for two judgeships, one a circuit court seat, previously held by Judge A. Joseph Canada Jr., and the other a general district court position, previously held by Judge Virginia L. Cochran.

The results are in.

Three candidates were “highly recommended” for the circuit court seat:

• Former Del. Glenn R. Croshaw
• Glen A. Huff
• VB General District Judge Gene A. Woolard
Additionally, Chuck Smith was “recommended” for that seat.

Two candidates were “highly recommended” for general district court seat:

• Bobby W. Davis
• Afshin Farashahi

And six candidates were “recommended” for that judgeship:

• Christopher S. Boynton
• Tanya Bullock
• Kathryn N. Byler
• Karen L. Fortier
• Lisa S. Hodges
• Daniel R. Lahne
• Chuck Smith

The matter is now in the hands of the General Assembly, which will elect judges to these two positions.

– Paul Fletcher

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