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Who dat backing down over “Who Dat?”

It was all a misunderstanding over “Who Dat?” Really it was.

That’s what I’d say too if I’d stepped in it and aggravated as many people as the justifiably excited fan base of the Super Bowl-bound New Orleans Saints.

And I wish this blog could take credit for getting the National Football League to “fold ’em,” as I suggested yesterday, but I don’t think that was quite the case, though fold they did.

New Orleans TV station WDSU has the story.

To recap: The NFL was busting bad on New Orleans T-shirt vendors who dared to put the Saints’ rallying cry, “Who Dat?” on shirts not licensed to the league. The league apparently claimed the phrase was their trademark, and the vendors were infringing.

But that was the misunderstanding. What they meant to say is that shirt vendors shouldn’t and couldn’t sell T-shirts with “Who Dat?” and the Saints’ fleur-de-lis logo, which undoubtedly is a trademark they own.

Trademarks like that one are worth a lot of money. Why do you think the NFL and the Washington Redskins fought so hard against the Native American tribes who tried to void their marks?

So now people in the Big Easy can rest easy and spend their time laissezing les bon temps roulez and getting ready for the Indianapolis Colts.

Hey, anytime someone puts a horseshoe above a door for good luck, is that a violation of the Colts’ trademark? Just asking.

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