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Lawyers, drugs and Super Bowl rings

Dexter Manley, the one-time star defensive end for the Washington Redskins, won two Super Bowl rings with the team in the 1980s.

The ring Manley got for the ‘Skins’ beat-down of the Miami Dolphins in 1983 ended up in a Houston pawn shop in 1998; he used the $5,000 he got for it to buy drugs. Who bought the ring? His lawyer, who retrieved it and kept it safe as Manley battled a cocaine addiction that got him kicked out of the league in 1991.

Manley has been straight since 2006. He’ll get the ring back this weekend. His lawyer, John O’Quinn, died last year, but he left explicit instructions on how to handle the ring and when to return it to Manley.

Check out this piece in today’s Washington Post. It’s a great story about how a lawyer believed in and stuck by his client, even through dark days.

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