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Williams Mullen gets gag order in civil case

Unhappy with a published report about settlement talks and tawdry comments on a radio show, Richmond’s Williams Mullen law firm had a judge impose a gag order on the parties and their lawyers in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the firm.

The plaintiff’s lawyer agreed to the order in the case of former WM staffer Hahn Nguyen Allgood, who claims a partner at the firm’s Norfolk office made inappropriate sexually charged remarks to her. The order bars  communication with “any form of media” as long as the case is pending.

The firm’s brief is here and the gag order is here.

A motion to dismiss Allgood’s suit is under consideration after a Feb. 1 hearing before Norfolk U.S. District Judge Mark S. Davis.

Meanwhile, plaintiff’s lawyer Ardra O’Neal of Washington has filed a second lawsuit against Williams Mullen on behalf of a former legal secretary at the firm’s Richmond office who claims age discrimination.

By Peter Vieth

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