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Snow-ver it!

There appears to be no rest for the weather-weary.

The fourth major snowstorm of the winter is gearing up to hit the mid-Atlantic, and the Twitterverse is calling it “snoverkill.”* Follow this local trending topic on Twitter and, amid the gripes, you’ll find important weather updates, cancellation notices and perhaps a tale or two of snow-related mischief.

Take, for example, this story out of Harrisonburg, where two JMU students are in trouble after allegedly throwing snowballs at a city snowplow and an unmarked squad car. Unamused, police fired back with felony charges.

*see also: #snowpocalypse, #snowmageddon, #snOMG

By Sarah Rodriguez

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  1. I would love to know how it is that 2 days after the snow storm, Route 66 (and 395, and just about every road in Northern Virginia) still hadn’t been plowed. Budget cuts or not, the Cwlth needs to get people back to work to generate revenue for next year. Yet somehow, the Western District of VA–at least along Route 81–had its roads plowed lickety-split with less budget and greater distance to cover. I am dying to see some investigative reporting on what the problem is.

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