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Durrette takes on…the Assembly

Richmond lawyer Wyatt Durrette knows his way around the Capitol. He served three terms in the House of Delegates during the 1970s.

During the 1980s, he ran for statewide office twice, for attorney general in 1981 and for governor in 1985.

So when Durrette (at right) offers his take on the current General Assembly, as he did yesterday in a guest piece on Bob Holsworth’s Virginia Tomorrow blog, you listen.

Check out his piece, entitled “General Assembly Shenanigans,” and you’ll find Durrette railing at the current solons for spending time on “nonsense when the Commonwealth struggles with gargantuan challenges.”

Take on the repeal of the one-handgun-a-month law, for example.

Or the proposal to forbid the implantation of microchips (considered the “mark” of the “Antichrist” by some, he notes).

Then he skewers Speaker Bill Howell’s efforts to protect a single company from asbestos-related liability.

Durrette remains hopeful for the future, if not the present: “Surely, the Commonwealth will survive these ventures into the legislative dark side. But in the meantime, it is not a pretty sight,” he concludes.

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