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Hit the spot

Thanks to the lingering February snow dump, here’s a tradition that is apparently old hat in cities up north such as Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, but somewhat new to our region: Marking your dug-out parking spot after a snowstorm.

In places that get a lot of snow, residents will patiently dig out their cars along a city street, then claim the spot with a lawn chair. Yes, a lawn chair. Animals are known to use somewhat different methods to mark their territory, but a lawn chair is somewhat more civilized.

One can imagine the arguments and even fights that ensue. Maybe it’s a test of neighborly good intentions. As the mayor of Philadelphia told a local radio station after the latest wallop, lawn chair and parking space etiquette are “generally agreed to things between and among neighbors.”

We’ll keep you posted as to when cases of lawn chair rage end up in the courts. Could be a whole new practice specialty if the snow hangs around much longer.

Donna Childress, our friend and one-time associate editor, now runs her own writing and Web business in DC, Childress Communications. She reports in a post on the blog “We Love DC” that her neighborhood is “short on patio furniture and long on creativity.”

Instead of a lawn chair, one person placed a cute smiling stuffed monkey as his/her personal parking space sentinel, practically daring someone to mess with Curious George.

Then at the other end of the spectrum, another of Donna’s neighbors placed an urn in a hard-won space. Yes, an urn. The message: “Take this spot, and your ashes go here.”

Here’s hoping for a quick thaw…

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