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Drunk bus drivers are on notice

Notes from the General Assembly…

And here’s one that makes you think, surely this would already be covered by some other law in the Virginia Code.

Yesterday the Senate passed House Bill 1353, which provides that anyone who “possesses or consumes an alcoholic beverage while operating a school bus” containing children is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. The chief patron of the measure is Del. Ben. Cline, R-Amherst.

Okay, even assuming that this offense is not covered elsewhere in the Code, is this a real problem that parents across the commonwealth should know about? Or did one bus driver somewhere show up with a sixpack in a bag that she tucked under the seat and that night some kid asked his mom what “Budweiser” means? 

In any event, it’s fair to say that drunk, or drinking, bus drivers are not a favored class on Capitol Hill.

HB 1353 passed the House by a vote of 98-0. It squeaked through the Senate, 40-0.

Gov. McDonnell, you’re up next.

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