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Nonprofit site features in-depth Assembly coverage

Following the 2010 General Assembly session? Here is a valuable resource you might not be aware of: the Richmond Sunlight Web site.

Established by the Virginia Interfaith Center in 2007, this volunteer-run site provides user-friendly access to comprehensive data such as:

  • A complete list of House and Senate bills searchable by name, topic or date. Summaries, full-text and progress reports are included with each bill.
  • Detailed bio pages for all state legislators as well as a sortable list of legislators by district, party and other demographics
  • A listing of all committees and their members
  • Daily minutes from each chamber
  • The latest tweets from law makers who use Twitter

The site also includes an archive of General Assembly sessions dating back to 2006.

By Sarah Rodriguez


  1. and Richmond Sunlight is FREE and superior to the GA database search and other features.

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