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Mea culpa, says Judge Alexander

Franklin County Circuit Judge William N. Alexander II wrote the members of the House Courts of Justice Committee yesterday that he has done some serious soul searching since he appeared before the committee on Feb. 24. Our account that appearance is here.

He acknowledged mistakes in his handling of a special grand jury that indicted Franklin Sheriff Ewell Hunt on a misdemeanor charge and issued a report that was highly critical of his administration of the office.

But Alexander said he had no ethical qualms at the time or when he was before the committee about convening the grand jury and presiding over it.

“Upon serious reflection, and in hindsight, I realize I should have been more aware of the potential for public perception of impropriety given the political relationships that resist in Franklin County… ,” he wrote.

“If this matter were to come before me today, I would enter an order of recusal removing myself from any part of a special grand jury proceeding,” he concluded.

Alexander’s appointment to a third eight-year term is still before the legislature.
By Alan Cooper

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