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Webb, Warner invoke McDonnell on Keenan’s behalf

Virginia’s two Democratic U.S. senators invoked the name of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell today in urging their Senate colleagues to act on the nomination of Virginia Supreme Court Justice Barbara Keenan for the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Sens. Jim Webb and Mark Warner noted that Keenan has been a trailblazer for women lawyers and judges throughout her career and emphasized that she was voted out of the Judiciary Committee by a unanimous voice vote in October.

“In the spirit of pragmatic bipartisanship and good governance, it believe it is time to move past procedural days that seem to infect and get on with the business of governing,” Webb said on the Senate floor.

As evidence of Keenan’s bipartisan support, Webb and Warner noted that McDonnell had asked that she swear him in as governor.

“I am asking colleagues across the aisle if they might allow this nomination to advance in a timely way,” Webb said.
By Alan Cooper


  1. There is no excuse for the slow pace in the Senate when it comes to these nominations. Justice Keenan is well qualified, well-respected and has bipartisan support. Any further delay in confirmation is totally unacceptable. It’s time for the Senators to act, or let someone else more motivated take their jobs. Attorneys need to be heard on this.

  2. leslie weber hoffman

    Justice Keenan is a credit to our profession and will be an asset wherever she sits. The state and federal court benches need more judges of her caliber. Her prompt appointment by the Senate will signal an important bi-partisonship which will inure to the benefit of all citizens.

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