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New York is (Fake) Marlboro Country?

Philip Morris USA, the tobacco giant owned by Richmond-based Altria Group Inc., is on the warpath against counterfeiters, according to the Associated Press.

Marlboro cigarette counterfeiters, that is. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase, “Smokin’ O.P.s” (as in other people’s).

Philip Morris just filed federal lawsuits against eight New York and New Jersey retailers that allegedly sold counterfeit Marlboros. That brings the total of lawsuits the company has filed over fake smokes in that region to 35.

Why would cigarette smugglers look to the Big Apple?

Well, New York is potentially Fake Marlboro Country because of the high federal, state and local taxes on tobacco products.

A pack of cigarettes in New York City can cost more than 10 bucks. Might to cheaper and easier to quit…

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