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Lawyers, guns and…coffee

Couple of notes from our gun laws desk, involving weapons both concealed and unconcealed:

Proponents of gun rights have a reason to cheer today. The House of Delegates on Tuesday overwhelmingly (72-27) passed a bill to allow concealed handguns in bars, sending the measure to Gov. Bob McDonnell, who will sign it.

A similar measure was passed and presented over the past few years to McDonnell’s predecessor, Tim Kaine, who vetoed it twice.

Read more about it here.

On the unconcealed gun front, those who watch trends will want to know those who own guns and want to carry them openly have brought a West Coast form of expression to the Old Dominion.

Starbuck’s, the coffee giant that started in Seattle, was the target in Northern California and Washington state of a campaign by gun owners who wanted to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

In a lot of states, a gun owner has the right to carry it openly; likewise, in a lot of states, businesses have the right to say, not here, partner.

California Pizza Kitchen is one of the corporate entities that said no; gun owners moved next to Starbuck’s, figuring a hippie-dippy Left-Coast tree-hugging coffee outfit would do the same. But Starbuck’s refused the bait. The company took the position that anyone can pack a piece in their stores, if it’s legal in the state. Despite some pressure to change that view, the company is sticking to, well, its guns.

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The picture? It’s an AP photo by Elaine Thompson, taken at a anti-gun rally in Seattle today. An observer, Shannon Dunne, sips a venti while watching the action, his Ruger Vaquero handgun at his side.

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