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Judicial evaluations rated high in Roanoke

To hear Roanoke-area  circuit judges talking, the state’s moribund judicial performance evaluation program deserves another chance.

As we reported in December, some key legislators have indicated they would welcome revival of the JPE project, where anonymous comments about judges were assembled by a VCU unit and delivered by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

At a recent bench-bar meeting, it seemed Roanoke judges would be no less grateful if the program were reinstated.

“The Supreme Court contracted with VCU to actually get the comments and to put them in usable form and to try to conceal who was commenting, and they did an incredibly good job. It really was a much better product than I expected,” said Judge Clifford Weckstein.

Both Judges William Broadhurst and Charles Dorsey found the evaluations “very helpful.”

“You really don’t get a look at yourself on the bench. You really don’t see if you’re doing something that’s odd or coming across in a way that you didn’t intend to do,”  commented Broadhurst.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. I believe this would be an important idea to follow up on. One can only imagine what type of filtered reaction judge’s get on their performance, if they get any at all.

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