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More time for jury research

Here’s a bill that will provide more time to both sides for jury research. It’s another measure that made it through the Assembly without a single “nay” vote in either house.

Senate Bill 382, as introduced, would have changed the time period for disclosure of the jury panel to counsel in a case from “48 hours” to “two full business days.” Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, carried this one for the Boyd-Graves Conference.

It passed the Senate. Over in the House, in the Courts of Justice Committee, “two” got jacked up to “five.” It passed the House as amended. The Senate okayed that change and it’s on its way to Gov. McDonnell.

Lawyers previously had to scramble to dig into the backgrounds of potential jurors. No doubt they’ll still be scrambling, just for three days longer.

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