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Health care law as lawyer PR opp

My friend and former colleague John Tuerck left legal journalism to work in legal PR. He spent some time with Hunton & Williams here in Richmond, then headed home to Boston. It’s probably easier to get Red Sox games on TV there.

John has started a blog called “Law Firm Public Relations and Communications.” And in a post published today, he puts an intriguing spin on the just-passed health care bill.

Regardless of your personal politics and viewpoint on the bill, its passage is a “PR bonanza” for lawyers, he said. It’s a chance for lawyers to explain, to educate and to provide insight into a complicated topic.

Lawyers who practice health care will no doubt be approached to explain the bill and its impact. But lawyers who practice in related fields – employee benefits, labor and employment, insurance, among others – likewise can tout their expertise.

Given the complexity of the material, and the sheer volume of the legislation (153 pages in the House reconciliation bill alone), there are numerous opportunities afoot for “lawyers and law firms looking for a bit of visibility,” he said.

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