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Judge H. Clyde Pearson, RIP

Back when I was in law practice, I handled some bankruptcy work, wasn’t always easy down in Southwest Virginia if you represented creditors.

The federal bankruptcy judge in the area was Judge H. Clyde Pearson, who was known for being a debtors’ judge. Debtors’ lawyers actually would use him as a threat in negotiations: “Well, we can always take this before Judge Pearson and see what he thinks.”

I doubt I would have looked at it this way at the time, but now, years later, I’d say Judge Pearson was just expressing hope. His willingness to look out for someone down his luck and to give a little more time for making payments was a vote in the possible.

Clyde Pearson died last Friday at the age of 85.

The Roanoke Times has an obituary, which notes, “He never forgot his roots and the people of Southwest Virginia were always close to his heart.” I’d say that was right.

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