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Introducing the W&M griffin

The College of William & Mary’s long nightmare of having no mascot came to an end today.

The Tribe’s new mascot is…the griffin. It’s a critter that’s half eagle and half lion. Symbolizes boldness and courage, according to the word on the street.

W&M President Taylor Reveley filmed a video for YouTube that was included in the college’s Web site announcement.

Reveley, who unveiled the new mascot at a ceremony this afternoon, said, “With its arrival, we now have a mascot that unites strength with intelligence, recalls our royal origins, and speaks to our deep roots in American history.” Whew! No pressure on you, birdie-lion boy.

Personally, I voted for the phoenix in an online preference poll, but the griffin is fine. How this mythical creature meshes with the Native Americanesque “Tribe” remains a mystery, though.

Still, it could have been worse. As noted in an earlier post in this notebook, the contenders included a pug-ugly pug and a king and queen combo with a king who looked a bit like a refugee from a burger commercial.

Part of Reveley’s mission was to find something “that looks good on a T-shirt.” The griffin fills the bill. One imagines that the next order of business will be naming said mascot, and another online poll and round of exuberant expectation awaits.

Note to W&M: Just don’t call him “Merv.”

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