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They call it dope for a reason

Lawyer-comedian Bob Battle has a great routine in which he recounts dumb lines that cops have heard after stopping a suspected drunken driver. Here’s one:

Cop: May I see your license and registration?
Driver: Sure. Here, hold my beer.

This item is the equivalent of “Here, hold my stash.”

According to the Suffolk News-Herald, last Friday a guy was headed into the Suffolk courthouse to face the music for a March arrest on drug possession charges.

Authorities at the courthouse, of course, search everyone and all comers must pass through metal detectors.

Guy prepares to pass through, and empties his pockets, including, allegedly, a bag of marijuana. Needless to say the guards on duty got really interested really fast.

The upshot was the first case has been continued until May, and the guy will be arraigned on a second possession charge Wednesday.

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