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Intellectual Property?

Last week while I was out in my yard, I found a magnolia leaf with a curious marking.

So, now Mother Nature is copyrighting her leaves?

Would this fall under artistic works? Maybe discovery or invention? Most definitely an innovation and creative expression. I mean, who else has the market on trees? (The Big Guy excluded, of course.)

So why the copyright mark? I wondered if Mother Nature felt threatened by someone who may be hot on her heels in the creation realm. With all the cloning going on, you can’t blame her. Clearly she may be nervous that some scientist is going to horn in on her territory.

I’m trying to figure out if Mom will try to register the leaf with the PTO in Northern Virginia, though…

– Christine Watson


  1. Mother Nature cannot be too prudent. Already on street corners, vendors are selling bootleg plants made of silk and plastic. In storefronts are stacked imitation animals branded ‘Webkinz’ and ‘Fuzzy Town’. Fake rocks are being produced nationwide, made to cover unsightly lawn features such as well heads and pumps.
    If Mother Nature desires to claim man as her creation, look at the current robot industry, not to mention mannequins and those horrid blow-up dolls! There seems to be no honor when it comes to marketing. Mother Nature should protect what she has established. Mankind obviously will not.

  2. Love it!

  3. Hmm. There must be something special about that particular tree!

    Wonder if the copyright allows the image to be distributed online?

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