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Alex Levay is not stranded in Manchester, England

This may be reassuring news for people who have corresponded with Levay – many of them have received a hoax e-mail message purporting to be a plea for help from the Leesburg lawyer.

Levay is the apparent victim of a scam where someone managed to send phony e-mails pleading for money to all of his e-mail contacts. In the e-mail, a desperate “Levay” describes having his money and passport stolen on a trip to the United Kingdom. The writer asks for a loan of 900 pounds.

It’s not clear how the scammer would collect on any such “loan.” But it’s obvious the plea is a typical “stranded family member” scheme described here by Snopes.

A staffer at Levay’s office confirmed he’s not in dire straits overseas but, she said, the office is getting an awful lot of concerned calls.

By Peter Vieth


  1. Now if the scammer had said he was stranded at some ski resort under similar circumstances, I would have fallen for it…

  2. Oh good now I can finally get some rest. I have been so concerned for the welfare of Mr. Levay as he is one of the nicest laywers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. How do I get my refund for my wired 900 pounds?

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