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Curry’s Auto Service
1510 Moran Road
Sterling, Virginia 20166






Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from George Mason University

Professional/business/civic/nonprofit organizations in which you are/have been involved and positions held:

Involved with many school PTAs and helped raise thousands of dollars by running the Box Tops for Education program at Hutchison Farm Elementary; assisted with the founding of Dulles South Youth Sports, which has grown to support over six sports in our community involving over 1,000 yearly participants; member of the AskPatty Expert panel (www.AskPatty.com); volunteered with Girl Scouts at the service unit level and with Loudoun County home-delivered meals program for the elderly.

Who were the important mentors you have had and how did they impact your career?

My mentors are from my family since Curry’s is a family-owned and run business. We are successful only because of the solid and ethical foundation that our parents provided us. This is the same foundation that shapes our business. My husband, Matt, whom I work with everyday, has shown me over the years how to “get it done” by making decisions and being resourceful. My dad, a retired Navy captain, has taught me how important discipline, dedication and hard work are in helping you reach your goals. Of course, the Irish temper from the Curry half of the family will sometimes shape how things get done!

What do you consider your biggest personal and/or professional accomplishment and why?

Reaching the 10-year anniversary of our company and getting recognized by the community and the industry (Top Shop Award Finalist in 2009 by Tire Review Magazine) as being experts in our field and one of the most reliable and honest repair shops in the nation. Being awarded one of the Women Who Mean Business by the Washington Business Journal was also a milestone since all my efforts to be a comfortable, welcoming repair shop to my female colleagues and friends was recognized.

What advice would you give to a young person graduating from college this spring?

Always work towards finding out what your “gift” is. Everyone has a unique God-given gift that is waiting to be discovered and used. Once you figure it out, focus on that and outsource all the other stuff that you’re not as good at. That will allow you more time to grow your “gift” so you can work at your true potential.

How do you achieve a balance between your professional life and your personal life?

As a business owner, I’m always working. Setting priorities ensures that you are spending time doing the things that matter most to you. Those things that are not using your “gifts” are probably more efficiently done by others. Taking a couple minutes each morning to review tasks and priorities helps me stay focused and efficient.

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

When growing up, I always wanted to be the Bionic Woman! Seriously, I always wanted to be in business, so went to business school. Only after being a wife, mom, and working in the telecommunications industry and finally being a business owner, have I reached my goal of being a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

What is your favorite book or movie and why?

The Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite because of the adventure and just because it’s a fun and exciting story. As a woman, I can relate to her feeling lost and overwhelmed, but with new friends, lots of teamwork and perseverance, she reaches her goal. Besides, I agree with the main character, Dorothy, when she claims that there truly is “No place like home!”

What are two things about you that not many people know?

Not many people know that I can still do a mean sit-spin and as a teenager, often won my division in local ice skating competitions.

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  1. What Judy has not stated is what an incredible role model she is for the youth of our world! She demonstrates integrity, honesty, and loyalty in all that she does. Her devotion to God, family, and friends demonstrates that her priority is in being a good person rather than being successful. She has role modeled that it is through being this good person that she has become successful. This is refreshing in today business world where it tends to be “me focused”. Judy’s focus is always on other’s first. She is truly a gift to this world!

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