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Karen S. Rheuban, M.D.


University of Virginia Health System
PO Box 800711 UVAHS
Charlottesville, VA 22908



E-mail address:


AB, Biology, University of Rochester, cum laude
MD, Ohio State University, summa cum laude

Professional/business/civic/nonprofit organizations in which you are/have been involved and positions held:

• 2009-2010 President, American Telemedicine Association
• 2008-2010 Board Chair, Virginia Telehealth Network
• 2003-2010 Board member, Center for Telehealth and E-Health Law
• 2004-2010 Board Member, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia
• 2002-2003 Board Member, Skyline Area Girl Scout Council
• Fellow: American College of Cardiology
• Fellow: American Academy of Pediatrics

Who were the important mentors you have had and how did they impact your career?

Like many others I have been blessed with many mentors including:

• My wonderful parents, Ruth and Nathan Schulder who taught me to follow my dreams.
• Martha Carpenter, MD, Pediatric Cardiologist extraordinaire, mentor and expert doctor
• Robert Carey, MD, Dean of the School of Medicine, scientist, advisor and trusted friend
• Congressman Rick Boucher, a brilliant legislator, who helped teach me advocacy on a federal level
• Senator William Wampler, a caring, smart and very strategic state legislator, who helped teach me advocacy on a state level.

What do you consider your biggest personal and/or professional accomplishment and why?

My greatest personal accomplishment is without doubt, my three wonderful children, each of whom has enriched my life and that of so many others.

My greatest professional accomplishment has been the advancement of telemedicine in the Commonwealth. Telemedicine is a tool that helps to enhance access to locally unavailable healthcare and educational programs for patients and health professionals. The recent UNANIMOUS passage of SB 675 in the General Assembly was a thrilling reflection on our work to advance telemedicine towards mainstream healthcare in the Commonwealth.

What advice would you give to a young person graduating from college this spring?

Follow your dreams, work hard, be passionate about your causes and always take the high road. Keep a sense of humor.

How do you achieve a balance between your professional life and your personal life?

I have been fortunate to have a supportive husband, three wonderful children (now young adults), and a wonderful extended family who have traveled this wonderful journey with me, and for whom I hope to always do the same.

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

I always wanted to be a doctor.

What is your favorite book or movie and why?

That is a difficult question – a recent book I read and enjoyed was “The Red Tent” an exquisitely written novel about matriarchical society in biblical times and the enduring strength of women, and the relationship between mothers and daughters.

What are two things about you that not many people know?

1. As a child I played violin, and as an adult, I hoped to learn how to play the piano. I take piano lessons from the most wonderful teacher, but it is one of the most challenging efforts I have ever undertaken (and likely for my teacher as well).

2. I was a college cheerleader.

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