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Thieves buy pot with Saslaw credit card

At least two Northern Virginia legislators have been ripped off by identity thieves in California who used the name of longtime state Sen. Dick Saslaw to buy “medical” marijuana, according to news accounts.

A Washington Post blog reports the culprits used Saslaw’s data to have a credit card issued in his name. The credit card then was used to buy weed from a supplier of medical marijuana.

Del. Tom Rust told the Post he was a victim of the same baked fakers. His identity was not used to score doobage, but the credit repair effort did not go smoothly. After he was advised that someone was trying have new credit cards issued in his name, Rust tried to cancel his accounts and have new cards issued.  American Express then sent the new card straight to the bad guys’ address in California, reports the Post.

By Peter Vieth

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